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In both countries, a long tradition of journalism education at college and university levels has supported occupational socialization and the formation of a professional identity.
with literature reviews and theory in the areas such as organizational behavior, acculturation, occupational socialization, and group culture.
There are three phases identified: recruitment, professional socialization, and occupational socialization.
This gathering of information (from a multitude of sources) to determine future careers is called adolescent occupational socialization.
Whereas it is now believed that teachers' occupational socialization requires such in-service professional development in the workplace settings, which can be linked with their beliefs, their teaching practices and contemporaneous teaching reforms.
Similar to the inmate subculture, correctional officers experience their own form of occupational socialization.
Davis, Christopher Rate) reports on a study that explored the literature relating to work motivators to find Air Force specific data on intrinsic and extrinsic work motivators and use that data to investigate the occupational selection hypothesis and occupational socialization hypothesis and their relation to retention in the Air Force.
Occupational socialization assumes the existence of an involvement between the individual and the organization.
1974), McCaghy and Skipper (1971), Prus (1980) and Skipper and McCaghy (1972) provide an historical point of comparison that indicates some consistency between past and current research findings on the occupational socialization of exotic dancers.
At the beginning of their work career young people usually experience a process of occupational socialization.
Research shows that occupational socialization affects individual values (Mortimer and Lorence, 1979) and that job incumbency affects individual characteristics (Kohn and Schooler, 1978).
In particular, the adjustment period for novice teacher-coaches has been widely disseminated in physical education research on occupational socialization (Curtner-Smith, 2001; Curtner-Smith et al.
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