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To close or obstruct.

ob′tu·ra′tion n.
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But, unlike a conventional bullet, once such a brass bullet has engraved into the rifling, it slides through the bore quite freely because it is tough enough to withstand the force of acceleration and therefore it does not obturate significantly.
I could account for differences in bullet length and weight but variations in bullet toughness (how much each type does or does not obturate in response to the force accelerating it, especially as that force changes) and resulting bullet-to-bore friction, I could not precisely predict the charge corrections needed, therefore, many of the second-test loads were slower than we wanted and we had to go back for a third session, with corrected charges giving muzzle velocities were acceptably close to 2,370 fps.
Enlargement of the canal is fundamental to promote adequate decontamination of the dentin walls and to create an appropriate shape in order to obturate the root canal system.
The theorists posit that when the expanding gas from the burning powder "smacks" the base of a bullet which has no support, the bullet will begin to obturate and the back end will swell out.
The pressure of powder ignition will cause softer bullets to obturate or fill the chamber mouths.
Burton discovered that propellant gas alone would cause the hollow base of the Mini ball to obturate and seal off the bore of a rifle, so the use of the tallow filler and metal base cap was abandoned.
An abdominal fat graft was used to obturate the dural defect.
The aim of root canal treatment is to remove any remaining vital, apical tissue and the necrotic coronal portion of the pulp that might be sustaining the and stimulating the resorbing cells via their blood supply, and to disinfect and obturate the root canal system.