obstructive ventilatory defect

ob·struc·tive ven·ti·la·tor·y de·fect

(ŏb-strŭk'tiv ven'til-ă-tōr-ē dē'fekt)
Slowing of airflow during forced ventilatory maneuvers, generally expiratory.
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Result: In this study, restrictive ventilatory defect was seen in 64% of patients, and obstructive ventilatory defect was seen in 10% of patients.
Obstructive ventilatory defect is seen in 10% of rheumatoid patients since the FEV1/FVC <80% with increased residual volume and total lung capacity ratio.
In RA, obstructive ventilatory defect may be due to airway inflammation.
Majority of them had obstructive ventilatory defect (54.
This significance was high in FEV1 than FVC which characterizes the obstructive ventilatory defect in COPD.
They concluded that the patient with tuberculous destroyed lung showed obstructive ventilatory defect commonly and it may be due to bronchiectasis and emphysema on CT scan.
The results of pulmonary function tests showed decreased diffusion capacity (n=4), restrictive ventilatory defect (n=3), moderate obstructive ventilatory defect (n=1) and were completely normal in 1 patient.
Clinical characteristics of the cases Clinical characteristics Number of cases (n) Cough 4 Dyspnea 4 Sputum 3 Fever 3 Weight loss 3 Hemoptysis 1 Bilateral inspiratory crackles 4 Normal physical examination 1 Decreased diffusion capacity 4 Restrictive ventilatory defect 3 Obstructive ventilatory defect 1 Normal pulmonary function 1 Bilateral infiltrations 4 Focal opacity 1 Transthoracic biopsy 4 Transbronchial biopsy 1