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, obstetrical (ob-stet'rik, -ri-kăl),
Relating to obstetrics.

obstetric, obstetrical


adjective Referring to obstetrics.

obstetrical, obstetric

pertaining to or emanating from obstetrics.

obstetrical anesthesia
an anesthetic procedure designed especially for patients undergoing cesarean operation or intrauterine manipulation of the fetus. The particular additional responsibility in this kind of anesthesia is the survival of the fetus.
obstetrical assistance
assistance to the dam in the expulsion of the fetus varying from simple traction to episiotomy, fetal manipulation in the uterus, fetotomy and cesarean section.
obstetrical chains
see obstetric chain.
obstetrical instruments
there is a large range including long-handled and finger-grip fetotomy knives; eyehooks, either long-handled or threaded onto obstetric rope; fetotome; obstetric wire; Kuhn's crutch for repelling or rotating the fetus; obstetric forceps; traction chains and handles; fetal extractor.
obstetrical saw
wire saw used in fetotomes. There are two types, Swedish and gigli wire saw.
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Another obstacle is that in most cases the nurses teaching these classes have only seen obstetrically managed births.
The protagonist's ekphrastic attempts to have the sleeping image of Jenny obstetrically deliver someone companionable with the artistic portraits verbally rendered indicate as motive the desire for hospitable silence.
Pliny's description of Salpe, at one point, as `obstetrix' need not detain us either, since he never cites her for matters that could be described as obstetrically related.
The basic design of the study and its focus both on obstetrically high risk women and on the outcome of infant birth weight (in addition to other physical and psychosocial outcomes) is similar to those of others in the United States (Heins et al.
But for Bronte and her heroine ultimate control is exercised by the visual as Jane obstetrically delivers through verbal constructs the mute images of the mind.