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, obstetrical (ob-stet'rik, -ri-kăl),
Relating to obstetrics.

obstetric, obstetrical


adjective Referring to obstetrics.

obstetrical, obstetric

pertaining to or emanating from obstetrics.

obstetrical anesthesia
an anesthetic procedure designed especially for patients undergoing cesarean operation or intrauterine manipulation of the fetus. The particular additional responsibility in this kind of anesthesia is the survival of the fetus.
obstetrical assistance
assistance to the dam in the expulsion of the fetus varying from simple traction to episiotomy, fetal manipulation in the uterus, fetotomy and cesarean section.
obstetrical chains
see obstetric chain.
obstetrical instruments
there is a large range including long-handled and finger-grip fetotomy knives; eyehooks, either long-handled or threaded onto obstetric rope; fetotome; obstetric wire; Kuhn's crutch for repelling or rotating the fetus; obstetric forceps; traction chains and handles; fetal extractor.
obstetrical saw
wire saw used in fetotomes. There are two types, Swedish and gigli wire saw.
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The benefits of transport have been extended to include obstetrical patients, who are now being transported by air with increasing frequency to tertiary care facilities.
Without knowing the magnitude of the resistance to male nurses being part of the obstetrical staff, it is difficult to fathom how Camden-Clark could persuasively establish that the essence of its business of patient care would he undermined if it hired male nurses in the obstetrics department .
It was confusing that on one side of the obstetrical unit, pediatricians were placing extremely premature infants on warmers, intubating them to help them breathe, and rushing them off to the NICU, while on the other side similar premature infants/fetuses were being delivered in bedpans and covered with drapes.
Because the program includes care of women in the hospital's obstetrical triage area, this type of laborist program is generally able to pay for itself, unlike traditional models that rely on lower revenue from delivery fees.
The study sample included 1,141,641 obstetrical patients from 369 hospitals (995 hospital years) in six states (California, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin) that met the following conditions: reported at least one live birth in the 2002 American Hospital Association Annual Survey; provided at least 1 year of discharge data to their state government; and responded to an author-developed 2004 survey on the organization and resources of nursing, anesthesia, and medical obstetrical services.
The redesigned WatchChild solution evolved from a recognized need to provide an integrated and intuitive way to manage obstetrical operations, including reporting, communication, care plan development, skin and fall assessment screening and operating room record/pre-anesthesia checklists.
The project trains birth attendants in African villages and arranges for obstetrical emergency patients to be transported to district hospitals.
instituted a comprehensive program of case management, patient education, utilization management, and home health services designed to both improve clinical outcomes of pregnancy and reduce the costs of delivering obstetrical, perinatal, and neonatal services in an HMO.
Developed for obstetrical use, ritodrine is the only drug specifically approved for treatment of preterm labor by the Food and Drug Administration.
Ob/Gyn and Abdominal Sonography will provide updates for standard practices in abdominal, obstetrical, gynecologic, and vascular sonography.
Vanderbilt University Hospital's obstetrical program, newborn nursery and neonatal unit would link up to the Monroe Carell Jr.
The highest rate of obstetrical injuries occurred during vaginal births with instruments.