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, obstetrical (ob-stet'rik, -ri-kăl),
Relating to obstetrics.


(ŏb-stĕt′rĭk, əb-) also


Of or relating to the profession of obstetrics or the care of women during and after pregnancy.

ob·stet′ri·cal·ly adv.

obstetric, obstetrical


adjective Referring to obstetrics.


Relating to obstetrics.

obstetrical, obstetric

pertaining to or emanating from obstetrics.

obstetrical anesthesia
an anesthetic procedure designed especially for patients undergoing cesarean operation or intrauterine manipulation of the fetus. The particular additional responsibility in this kind of anesthesia is the survival of the fetus.
obstetrical assistance
assistance to the dam in the expulsion of the fetus varying from simple traction to episiotomy, fetal manipulation in the uterus, fetotomy and cesarean section.
obstetrical chains
see obstetric chain.
obstetrical instruments
there is a large range including long-handled and finger-grip fetotomy knives; eyehooks, either long-handled or threaded onto obstetric rope; fetotome; obstetric wire; Kuhn's crutch for repelling or rotating the fetus; obstetric forceps; traction chains and handles; fetal extractor.
obstetrical saw
wire saw used in fetotomes. There are two types, Swedish and gigli wire saw.
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Conclusion: Our study shows that the frequency of F2 G20210A gene mutation in pregnant females having adverse thrombotic obstetric complications was not significantly different from its frequency in control population.
Incidence of emergency obstetric hysterectomies (EOH) following vaginal delivery and caesarean section.
They pleaded that the provincial government be held accountable for the denial of timely and adequate treatment of obstetric fistula as violations of women's fundamental rights under the Constitution, including their rights to life and dignity.
4,5] The most common causes of admission to ICU for obstetric patients are eclampsia, severe preeclampsia, haemorrhage, anaesthetic complications, congenital and valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and puerperal infections.
Victims of obstetric fistula are usually among the hardest to reach, and are often illiterate and with limited access to health services, including maternal and reproductive health care, she added.
The UN adds that most obstetric fistulas occur among women living in poverty and in cultures where a woman's status and self-esteem may depend almost entirely on her marriage and ability to bear children.
Effective teamwork is important for improving obstetric care in all settings, given the shift toward value-based reimbursement and the associated need for improved care coordination.
The recognition component of the bundle emphasizes the use of education and guidelines to help physicians identify obstetric patients at risk for thromboembolism.
The Hamlins had never seen an obstetric fistula case before and there was little or no treatment available in Ethiopia.
The number of staff members was calculated according to the number of full-time staff members on the monthly current obstetric department timetable.
However, the results of obstetric fistulas are not just physiological.
Emergency obstetric or peripartum hysterectomy is the last resort for any obstetrician who faces the complication of atonic postpartum hemorrhage or rupture uterus.