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We already had a motocross facility and a 4x4 obstacle test and then the plans were added to include a drag strip and a drift course as well," Suleiman explained.
the Court said, "a statute which, while furthering this interest in potential life or some other valid State interest," and then goes on to describe the substantial obstacle test, so the Court recognized that there could be other State interests besides merely maternal health and discouraging abortions.
Walking Machine Decathlon -- Teams design and build articulated robots which are judged on their ability to walk through a series of obstacle test courses.
The obstacle test consisted of a set of nine obstacles that resembled as much as possible reallife obstacles that people come across in their daily lives.
They are called on to complete a series of tasks including theory and obstacle tests, all of which are designed to test their knowledge and practical driving skills.
It combined flatwork movements and obstacle tests, inviting competitors to deal with a number of situations.
As well as having to negotiate obstacle tests and answer theory questions, the top drivers were also asked to weigh up their passengers.
The contestants in the final had to prove that they had the skill and attitude of responsible heavy truck drivers as they completed a programme consisting of complex manoeuvring and obstacle tests.
After the regional heats, finalists were put through their paces on driving skills, the highway code, driving theory and obstacle tests.
This class tests horse and rider through a range of activities, combining flatwork movements and obstacle tests.