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(əb-sĕs′ĭv, ŏb-)
Of, relating to, characteristic of, or causing an obsession: obsessive gambling.

ob·ses′sive n.
ob·ses′sive·ly adv.
ob·ses′sive·ness n.

Patient discussion about obsessive

Q. Relation between bipolar & obsessive compulsive disorder. Is there any relation between bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder? I ask you this because I have many answers so I have to choose one. Sorry I can’t post all which I know. Excuse me!

A. i know there is a condition called Bipolar OCD... so i don't understand the question if there's any connection... and as F3_4u mentioned - it is a common believe that OCD is a problem in serotonin secretion, the neurotransmitter that activate the "reward" feeling and stops the "seeking" system in our brain. and one of the genes that is connected to Bipolar disorder is also the serotonin gene. so there is a connection.

Q. What Is OCD? I have heard the term OCD on T.V and wanted to find out- what exactly is this syndrome?

A. OCD is a psychiatric disorder in which a person experiences obesessive thoughts and compulsions to do a ritual in order to "calm" these thoughts down. Obsessions can be recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that are experienced at some time during the disturbance. They are inappropriate and cause marked anxiety. Compulsions are defined by repetitive behaviors or mental acts that the person feels driven to perform in response to an obsession, or according to rules that must be applied rigidly. This disorder should be diagnosed only by a doctor.

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Too often, acts of obsessive cultural imitation have been explained sociologically and psychologically by pointing toward deprivation (lack), loss, fear, and emptiness, or socio-historically by the "understandable" desire to become modern and up-to-date.
But Muller struggles to show us how their obsessive musical and stylistic imitation or the concomitant habits of mind--accuracy, patience, close listening--worked somehow to undermine Apartheid.
As the regime became not only obsessive but compulsive, insistent on obedience to a set of illogical, incommensurate, and administratively impossible categories of race and parentage, Cape musicians, singers, and jazz lovers were exploring the limits and consequences of obsessiveness.
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I often write political letters to the Evening Gazette - if I am to be branded as a political obsessive I am in good company and proud of it, there are thousands like me.
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