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One who perceives, notices, or watches; in behavioral research with humans, the investigator or his/her surrogate.
[L. observo, to watch]


An international medical graduate—a doctor who was educated and trained outside of the US—who joins a medical or surgical team at a teaching hospital in the US to observe the style and particulars of patient management. Observers are usually sponsored by a foreign hospital or university and have a mentor assigned to them; they are expected to have a good command of English, must have a valid visa, and do not participate in direct patient management.
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A greater change had come over Jane than over any other person in the brick house, but it had been wrought so secretly, and concealed so religiously, that it scarcely appeared to the ordinary observer.
Had Greece, says a judicious observer on her fate, been united by a stricter confederation, and persevered in her union, she would never have worn the chains of Macedon; and might have proved a barrier to the vast projects of Rome.
Every unbiased observer may infer, without danger of mistake, and at the same time without meaning to reflect on either party, or any individuals of either party, that, unfortunately, PASSION, not REASON, must have presided over their decisions.
If a judicious observer of human nature could have seen at that moment the expression on the Comte de Sucy's face, he would perhaps have shuddered.
His face was wrinkled and his hair silvered; but an intelligent observer would have recognized at once the stigmata of passion and the furrows of pleasure which appeared in the crow's-feet and the marches-du-palais, so prized at the court of Cythera.
Perhaps the eye of a scrutinizing observer might have discovered a barely perceptible fissure, which, extending from the roof of the building in front, made its way down the wall in a zigzag direction, until it became lost in the sullen waters of the tarn.
Together they slunk from the house, but no casual observer might have noted that one of them was an ape.
A close observer might have gathered that the topic was distasteful; but the doctor carried it off gaily.
A keen observer of English customs relates that, being in one of the rooms of the Bank one day, he had the curiosity to examine a gold ingot weighing some seven or eight pounds.
D'Artagnan made all these remarks with the rapidity of a most minute observer, and doubtless from an instinctive feeling that this stranger was destined to have a great influence over his future life.
said the Englishman with an expression of curiosity, which a close observer would have been astonished at discovering in his phlegmatic countenance.
A casual observer might have thought "and there ends the dialogue

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