oblique line

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ob·lique line

a diagonal, sloping or slanting line; a line that is neither parallel nor perpendicular, neither horizontal nor vertical. See: oblique line of mandible, oblique line of thyroid cartilage.
Synonym(s): linea obliqua [TA]
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Leon et al reported in his study relation of foramen thyroideum to the oblique line, the foramen thyroideum (FT) was found in a variable position: below (28 cases), right at the upper end (four cases), and above the oblique line (nine cases).
Then, we simulate the system using two-staged oblique line equalizer to find the best combination of [k.
strigipennis Moore in external morphology, but can be distinguished from it by the following features: the forewing has a brownish black line stretching from the apical angle to the outer side of inner margin; the oblique lines running from the apex of forewing to hindwing are more prominent; basal part of hindwing paler; the uncus wider, with 3 processes, middle one forked apically, and other 2 digitate; the gnathos has peg-like teeth; the valva shorter and broader; the harpe finger-shaped, sclerotized, broad at base, and with a minute apical hook; the aedeagus shorter, and with a crescent-shaped cornutus basally.
In each range bin of the range Doppler plane, the phase gradient appears as a oblique line due to the azimuth motion.
Though the roads should have to be well marked with double lines, oblique line, lines for giving signals to the pedestrians, absence of these signs often put the drivers as well as the passers-by in trouble, Naeem Asghar an owner of car observed.
In the mandibular angle region, this line indicates that a plate may be placed either along or just below the oblique line of the mandible.
We can shift the horizontal and vertical lines to arbitrary positions and set up the oblique line at an arbitrary angle.
and the task is to move the oblique line until the sum of squares of the distances between the data points and the line is minimised.
Incidentally, this idea for creating an oblique line electron beam lithography system was worked out over a three-hour lunch in a pub in Melbourne
Above the oblique line are represented scores of similarity obtained from alignment and comparison of 49 sHD nucleotide sequences including 13 HDV-1 sequences, 7 HDV-2, 7 HDV-3, 6 HDV-4, 6 HDV-5, 4 HDV-6, 3 HDV-7, and 3 HDV-8.
Instrumentation will be highlighted, including an instrumented extrusion line, temperature sensors (thermocouples - fixed and mobile, resistance devices and infrared probes), pressure sensors (strain gauge and Piezoelectric), dimension sensors (lasers - profile, shadow and oblique line, electromechanical, diode array, length and coating thickness), and weigh and area sensors (scales and radiation).
3) The oblique line inscribed on the obverse from the upper right corner down to the end of line 3 was inscribed after the horizontal lines placed before line 1 and between lines 1 and 2.