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objectivism (b·jekˑ·ti·vizˑ·m),

n principle of modern biomedicine according to which the one observing is separate from what is being observed.
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I say "reverse" order because it is the reverse of how many Objectivist communicators proceed from metaphysical principles, etc.
Various objectivist accounts of subjective reasons have been developed and defended by Mark Schroeder, Jonathan Way, Derek Parfit, Eric Vogelstein, Daniel Whiting, Kurt Sylvan, and others.
Yaron Brook, executive chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, who teaches seminars on business leadership and ethics from an Objectivist perspective, said, "Few business people have actually read her essays and philosophy and studied her in depth.
In "Chapter 4: The Morality of Life," Gotthelf (completed by Salmieri (4)) outlines the structure of the Objectivist ethics.
Unlike some objectivist conceptions, my conception of well-being as the HPG also avoids the next problem.
Thankfully, Brook and Watkins avoid this singularly unattractive objectivist tendency.
In Merleau-Ponty's words, "The physicist frames with an objectivist ontology a physics that is no longer objectivist" (1968, 25).
This task was given over to Kiichiro Yagi who produced a highly original introductory survey of a wide range of approaches including the work of Marxists and Sraffians who hold an objectivist epistemology.
The lone social system consistent with the Objectivist view is one that allows individuals to do whatever they want without government interference - radical laissez-faire capitalism.
SHAPIRO: Well, if you're thinking of other members of the Objectivist group, there was Carl Rakosi, but I didn't meet him until years later when I went to visit Oppen in San Francisco.
According to an August profile in The New Yorker, Ryan in 2005 told the Atlas Society, which promotes Rand's objectivist philosophy of individualism and self-reliance, that he required his interns and staff to read Rand.
Apparently Nelson subscribes to Rand's objectivist philosophy.