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Alternative nutrition
Oats are regarded by many as a healthy food; they are rich in beta-glucans, a type of soluble fibre, which reduces serum cholesterol by up to 10%. Oats also contains avenalin and avenin, proteins which are nearly as high in quality as soy protein and equal to that of meat, milk and eggs; the protein yield of hull-less kernel is up to 24%, the highest of all cereals.

Herbal medicine
An annual grass that contains proteins (e.g., avenalin), alkaloids (e.g., trigonelline), fats, minerals (calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc), saponins, a sterol flavonoid and vitamin B; they are used as a nerve tonic and for depression and insomnia.


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[AS. ate, oat]
Grain or seed of a cereal grass used as food.


member of the plant genus Avena in the family Poaceae.

see avenasativa.
oat grain
seed of Avena sativa, and as 'oats' the favored grain for the feeding of horses. Too light in energy concentration for the heavy feeding of ruminants.
oat grass
Avena pubescens. See also oatgrass.
oat hair calculi
large, intestinal trichobezoars composed entirely of oat hairs and capable of causing intestinal obstruction.
oat hay
made from cereal oat crop (Avena sativa) it is a popular feed for herbivores but it may have a high nitrate content if it has been well fertilized, and if it gets moldy and overheated, develops a high nitrite content and is poisonous. See also nitrite poisoning.
oat hulls
a high-fiber, low-protein, low-energy feed.
oat sickness
stiffness and restriction of movement in horses soon after a heavy feed of grain; a vague syndrome thought to be due to sensitivity to grain of any sort in particular horses.
oat straw
used as bedding and as feed when supplemented with a nitrogen-rich feed such as urea. Like oaten hay may cause nitrite poisoning if moldy.

Patient discussion about oat

Q. What is the nutritional value of oats? I am having oats for my morning breakfast from last week, as I know it is good to have them. But what is the nutritional value of oats?

A. oats are rich with vitamins, energy and protein. makes a wonderful breakfast! (at least when my wife makes it!!).
here's a link to a nutritional value list of oats:

and here's a link to some recipes!:
bread - http://momsrecipesandmore.blogspot.com/2008/12/toasted-oatmeal-bread.html

Biscuits - http://www.vegan-food.net/recipe/927/Oatmeal-Raisin-Cookies/

oatmeal- http://www.fatfree.com/recipes/breakfast/oatmeal

bon apetite!

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HDRA's easy gardening for the lazy, hazy days of summer It's not often that I get excited about car parks, but as you arrive at Ryton Organic Gardens, you are greeted with the swaying stems of the giant golden oat grass, Stipa gigantea, moving gracefully in the breeze.
The dense sedge doesn't seem all that dense after a century and a half of rapid population increases and development, and California oat grass - another native species despite its rather un-Oregon name - has been hit hard as well.
I've got hardy ferns, blue oat grass, flowering rush, golden sedge and creeping jenny.
Stands of sheeps fescue - hairy oat grass, Yorkshire fog, white clover in which species such as perennial ryegrass, crested dogstail and white clover are found.
A low wall of painted HardiePanel provides a cool backdrop for shrublike white-flowering tea tree (Leptospermum laevigatum), while low-water blue fescue, blue oat grass, and blue and pink muhly grass replace the lawn.
Other plants in this Sherman Oaks landscape, together with tips on growing them, include: Australian rosemary (Westringia), a relative of ordinary rosemary (Rosmarinus) with gray green foliage and white or lavender flowers that are on display all year long; fortnight lily (Dietes), clumps of spear-shaped leaves that are frequently chlorotic and are fortified by regular application of iron sulfate or Ironite fertilizer; bronze-leafed hopseed bush (Dodonaea), a very short-lived perennial; needle-leafed and spidery-flowered Grevillea, which dies when fertilized with phosphorus; blue oat grass (Helicotrichon sempervirens), a fountainesque grass more interesting and durable than blue fescue but more water needy than the other plants in this landscape.
We added native grasses, blue oat grass, fountain grass, and Carex flagellifera 'Toffee Twist'.
If you are partial to blue, select from blue oat grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens), blue lyme grass (Elymus or Leymus arenarius) and common blue fescue (Festuca ovina glauca).
Pink-flowered knotweed (Persicaria vacciniifolia) and two clumps of blue oat grass fill the concrete raised bed, while fluffy mounds of mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana') wrap the base.