nutritional support

nutritional support

The giving of nutrients either by intravenous infusion (parenterally) or by drip feeding through a tube placed in the upper gastrointestinal tract (enterally).

nutritional support,

n the supply of foods and liquids necessary to advance healing and support health.

Patient discussion about nutritional support

Q. I am looking for information on nutritional support for fibromyalgia.Any help would be appreciated. I am looking for information on nutritional support for fibromyalgia. The Feingold Diet sounds like the sort of thing I need, but I need to know more. Also, do you know what foods contain salycilates? I've been told that they can exacerbate fibromyalgia. Any help would be appreciated.

A. Hi, Sorry this has taken so long to reply to you. I'm not sure about the Feingold Diet. I haven't read much about it. As far as salycilates, they are used to flavor foods such as cake mixes, puddings, ice cream, chewing gum and soft drinks. They occur naturally in some foods, especially in berries and dried fruits. Raisins and prunes have the highest. Also in candies made of licorice and peppermint. Moderate levels are found in nuts and seeds. You should stay away from curry powder, paprika, thyme, dill, oregano, and turmeric. Some important things for fibromyalgia are Coenzyme Q10, acidophilus and a good full spectrum supplement. This way your body has what it needs to heal itself.

Q. My myopic son is wearing power glasses. Are there any other nutritional supplements to support eye sight? My myopic son is wearing power glasses from the age of 2 years. His power is not very high yet but the rate of his eye power is doubling every year. Doctor had given him some medicines and had told him to have lots of carrots. We are giving him carrot juice every day. But soon he stopped taking it for some months. But he is having juice now but I wish to know are there any other nutritional supplements to support eye sight?

A. eating carrots can help people who suffers from vitamin A or beta-carotene deficiency. which leads to poor night vision. but that's it. there is no reason to eat tremendous amounts of carrots, there are food supplements that will help you achieve it without becoming orange. anyway, getting too much vitamin A can be toxic.
here is a "snopes" about it-

Q. I want to know the risks of giving Diet. Hi all, my father-in-law gives my 11 month old daughter "Diet- Coke" to drink. He says that it is mostly watered and that there is nothing wrong with it. I am scared to see this. I would rather want her to drink milk or juice. I want to know the risks of giving Diet- Coke to kids which has chemicals also in it. I don't want her to become addicted to these contents or to caffeine.

A. NO soda at all is good for anyone, let alone children. This is bad. I constantly tell my wife to not give my daughter soda in any amounts.

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I now know I have the extra nutritional support when I need it.
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