nutritional status

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nutritional status

a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as the extent to which nutrients are available to meet metabolic needs. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.

nutritional status,

n the assessment of the state of nourishment of a patient or subject.


pertaining to or emanating from nutrition.

nutritional anemia
see nutritional anemia.
nutritional assessment
chemical analysis of ration ingredients or, more commonly, consultation of a table of approximate composition of feedstuffs.
nutritional deficiency disease
disease caused by a deficiency of a particular nutrient in the feed. Includes the micro- and macronutrients of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The specific diseases are described under their individual titles.
nutritional gill disease
caused by a nutritional deficiency of pantothenic acid. The gills of affected fish hypertrophy, show clubbing and fuse together causing interference with gaseous exchange.
nutritional gout
an excess of protein in the diet may cause visceral and even articular gout.
nutritional hyperparathyroidism
see nutritional secondary osteodystrophia fibrosa.
nutritional infertility
infertility due to a nutritional deficiency, principally caloric.
nutritional muscular dystrophy
see enzootic muscular dystrophy.
nutritional myodegeneration
see enzootic muscular dystrophy.
nutritional myopathy
see enzootic muscular dystrophy.
nutritional panniculitis
disease of cats, mink, foals and pigs associated with the feeding of fish offal, fish meal or rations containing high levels of unsaturated fatty acids. Palpable thickening and solidity of subcutaneous fat; may be associated with myopathy, gastric ulcer or hepatosis dietetica.
nutritional secondary hypercalcitonism
see nutritional secondary hypercalcitonism.
nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism
see nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism.
nutritional status
the state of the body with respect to each nutrient and to the overall state of the body weight and condition.
nutritional stress
the stress of inadequate nutrition of total nutrients.
nutritional supplement
addition of a nutrient to an existing diet to make good what might be only a temporary shortfall. May be made available in a salt or mineral mix or block, or may be mixed in with a feed or even in drinking water. For pastured animals other means are used but foliar dusting comes close to being a nutritional supplement.
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Participants were excited to be part of the activity to improve nutritional status of down trodden people and promote research in resource constrained environment.
In order to measure the nutritional status of children, three indices were examined: height/length-for-age (stunting-HAZ), weight-for-age (underweight-WAZ) and weight-for-height/length (wasting-WHZ).
He, however, did not take into account the endogeneity of the welfare index (poverty) in the nutritional status equation.
To improve the nutritional status of this poor living tribe, Government has implemented Saktiman scheme where AWW provide nutritious food to the children but the quality of food is bed.
An important question is: How does the nutritional status of patients with stroke develop during the hospital stay?
19) We hypothesized that poor nutritional status may correlate with the incidence of patient Staphylococcus colonization.
None of the located studies provide robust evidence for the sustainable effectiveness of staff education on nutritional status of elderly people who experience dementia.
This investigation of the relationship between nutritional status and cardiomyopathy in HIV-positive patients may be relevant in the development of new therapeutic strategies, including restoration of adequate myocyte nutrition as a goal in the treatment of patients suffering from HIV-related heart failure.
New data from Portugal suggest, however, that individualized nutritional counseling not only improves patients' nutritional status, but can also prolong their overall survival after they undergo radiotherapy.
noted that "the interaction between nutritional status, nutritional supply and respiratory function is important in the management of the COPD (2).
Nutritional assessment is the evaluation of the nutritional status of an individual or groups of individuals (population).

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