nutritional deficiency

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nu·tri·tion·al de·fi·cien·cy

(nū-trishŭn-ăl dĕ-fishĕn-sē)
Inadequacy of nutrients in tissues; result of inadequate dietary intake or impairment of digestion, absorption, transport, or metabolism.


a lack or shortage; a condition characterized by the presence of less than the normal or necessary supply or competence.

antidiuretic hormone deficiency
clotting factor deficiency
Hageman factor deficiency
nutritional deficiency
see under specific nutritional factors.
Stuart factor deficiency
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at the Riordan Clinic in Wichita, Kansas, published "The Effects of a Primary Nutritional Deficiency (Vitamin B Study)" in Food and Nutrition Sciences , 2012, 3, 1238-1244 (http://www.
It remains important for those caring for IBD patients to evaluate for Vitamin D nutritional deficiency and for its potential consequence of osteopenia or osteoporosis," Abraham Concluded.
Recent research has provided evidence linking Cd-related kidney dysfunction and decreases in bone mineral density in nonoccupationally exposed populations who showed no signs of nutritional deficiency.
The authors believe that the low glutathione which develops in many patients with HIV disease is a nutritional deficiency which can and should be corrected.
Timothy Cox of the University of Cambridge in England suggests that the altered form of this gene is maintained by natural selection as a hedge against nutritional deficiency.
Long-term prior exposure, resulting in storage of lead in the bones, can lead to later symptoms of lead poisoning through, for example, nutritional deficiency.
Additionally, NutriThrive will contribute $1 for every day of Parenteral Nutrition and $1 for every course of Enteral (feeding tube) Nutrition that the company dispenses to any patient nationwide, who is being treated for a nutritional deficiency.

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