nutritional deficiency

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nu·tri·tion·al de·fi·cien·cy

(nū-trishŭn-ăl dĕ-fishĕn-sē)
Inadequacy of nutrients in tissues; result of inadequate dietary intake or impairment of digestion, absorption, transport, or metabolism.


a lack or shortage; a condition characterized by the presence of less than the normal or necessary supply or competence.

antidiuretic hormone deficiency
clotting factor deficiency
Hageman factor deficiency
nutritional deficiency
see under specific nutritional factors.
Stuart factor deficiency
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57% of upper SES people had evidence of nutritional deficiency in contrast to lower SES people where 36.
This failure of bones to mineralize can be caused by genetic conditions as well as nutritional deficiency.
In addition, the child may have lackluster, hypopigmented hair with the "flag sign"--a band of lighter hair associated with nutritional deficiency.
vision problems arise mostly from complications of measles or rubella, nutritional deficiency, improper or inadequate treatment, and eye infections in the first days of life.
This can lead to other problems such as nutritional deficiency, and depression.
12] deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the developing world and possibly in the U.
Anemia, an inadequate supply of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin, is rare among young and middle-age people and generally develops from a nutritional deficiency or an identifiable health problem, such as a cancer.
Vitamins and other nutritional supplements often prevent recurrences or reduce the severity of canker sores in patients with a nutritional deficiency.

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