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n Latin name:
Cyperus rotundus; parts used: tubers, rhizomes; uses: in Ayurveda, pacifies kapha and pitta doshas (bitter, astringent, light, dry), antiemetic, antiinflammatory, antipyretic, antimalarial, antibacterial, tranquilizer, antiobesity, digestive disorders, cold, congestion, impotence, hypertension; precautions: none known. Also called
chido, motha, mustak, nutsedge, or
sedge weed.
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A: What you refer to as nutgrass is actually yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus), which may be the worst weed in Los Angeles.
An equally pernicious weed is yellow nutsedge, sometimes erroneously called nutgrass.
If a few nutgrass spears or Bermuda runners come through, they are easy to pull out.
A: The only sure way to rid yourself of nutgrass is to sell your property and move to another neighborhood.