nursing care plan

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nursing care plan

a plan, based on a nursing assessment and a nursing diagnosis, carried out by a nurse. It has four essential components: identification of the nursing care problems or nursing diagnoses and statement of the nursing approach to solve those problems; statement of the expected benefit to the patient; statement of the specific actions by the nurse that reflect the nursing approach and achieve the goals specified; and evaluation of the patient's response to nursing care and readjustment of that care as required. The nursing care plan is begun when the patient is admitted to the health service, and, after the initial nursing assessment, a diagnosis is formulated and nursing orders are developed. The goal of the process is to ensure that nursing care is consistent with the patient's needs and progress toward self-care. A written nursing care plan should be a part of every patient's chart. See also diagnosis, nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis, nursing orders, problem-solving approach to patient-centered care.

nurs·ing care plan

(nŭrs'ing kār plan)
Care plan created by a nurse for patients as a result of assessment of patient needs. The plan of care is focused on nursing interventions, not medical interventions.

nursing care plan

The statement of the goals and objectives of the nursing care provided for the patient and the activities or tasks required to accomplish the plan, including the criteria to be used to evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of the plan.
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Q. What is the best pathophysiology of colorectal cancer. The pathophysiology just has to be brief and concise. It also has to include nursing considerations for the patient.

A. i'm not sure i understand your you mean what is the best treatment for colorectal cancer? patophysiology is the changes the tissue acquired. if you'll give me more details on what you are looking for i'll be more then happy to help you.

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