nucleotide deletion

nu·cle·o·tide de·le·tion

deletion of a single nucleotide, which in a transcribed gene will lead to a frame-shift mutation.
Synonym(s): point deletion (2)
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The alignment indicated a spike gene nucleotide deletion at positions 164-169 (TTGGTG), which corresponded to amino acid deletion at positions 55 and 56.
In contrast, only 1 of 22 (4%) MSI-L tumors showed a single nucleotide deletion and none of the 40 MSS tumors had deletions (P < .
In the Western hemisphere, PFK deficiency appears to be prevalent among people of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, and they share two common pathogenic mutations, a splicing defect and a nucleotide deletion, which account for approximately 95% of mutant alleles.
Inversely, PDCoV China strain HKU15-44 contained a nucleotide deletion in the 3' untranslated region that was not present in the US PDCoV strains.
These studies also showed that all isolates had the same 11 nucleotide deletion in the 3' untranslated region immediately downstream from the stop codon of the open reading frame (34), which provided a signature for comparing any future isolates.
Sequence studies have shown that this isolate was almost identical to the 1995 Torres Strait isolates, including the acquisition of the 11 nucleotide deletion (C.
Primers flanking 32 nucleotide deletion of CCR-5 were used to generate wild type (W) and deleted (D32) fragments of 189 bp and 157 bp, respectively (5).
Mutations may involve more substantial changes to the gene's regulatory regions, such as multiple nucleotide deletions, or, as in the case of the gene under study today, multiple nucleotide additions.
If there were a one- or two-base deletion or if the three nucleotide deletions were not in a sequence corresponding to one amino acid, most amino acids in the CFTR after position 508 would be different compared with the normal protein.
In mismatch repair-proficient control blood samples, isSIR values for GART, AC1, TGFBRII, MSH3, and MSH6 microsatellite primer extension products representing one or two nucleotide deletions (-1/wt; -2/wt) were in the range of 0.