nuclear reaction

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nu·cle·ar re·ac·tion

the interaction of two atomic nuclei or of one such with a subatomic particle, or of the subatomic particles within an atomic nucleus, resulting in a change in the nature of the nuclei concerned or in the energy content of the nuclei or both, usually manifested by transmutation (accompanied by emission of alpha-, beta-, and/or gamma-rays) or by fission or fusion of the nuclei.
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Many experiments indicate that the reactions occur at scattered sites with the high intensity expected of nuclear reactions.
But he claimed the radiation level outside the plant would not be a significant threat unless the nuclear reaction continued for a long time.
Control rods, which can be inserted between the fuel bundles, are used to speed up, slow down or stop the nuclear reaction.
Officials feared a powerful nuclear reaction could still be simmering at the factory and schools may remain shut today.
Among the topics are the nuclear reaction matrix, a theory of energy-independent nuclear optical-model potentials, low-momentum nucleon-nucleon potential and shell model effective interactions, a family of hermitian low-momentum nuclear interactions with phase shift equivalence, shell model calculations and realistic effective interaction, and nuclear matter with Brown-Rho-scaled Fermi liquid interactions.
The Chernobyl accident was caused by an operational error that led to an explosive nuclear reaction inside a reactor and a fire.
safely shut down the Unit 1 reactor Saturday (10/13) for planned maintenance to improve operation of the rods that are used to control the nuclear reaction.
However, to be interpreted correctly, the nuclear reaction rates involved in the production of the fluorine isotope must be known.
began generating electricity again on Wednesday (10/18) after a planned maintenance outage to improve the operation of the rods used to control the nuclear reaction.
It involves the preparation of oxygen-15 to the (d, n) nuclear reaction with flow-through target system so that the cyclotron as an oxygen-15 generator can act (no batch-wise preparation of oxygen-15).
That such pure iron should exist was anticipated because another signature of this type of nuclear reaction is the formation of the radioactive nucleus titanium-44, or Ti-44.

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