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In a study comparing hypercapnic and normocapnic COPD patients, the six-minute walk distance was found to be shorter in hypercapnic patients (39).
Normocapnic mechanical ventilation was performed with the gas mixture composed of nitrous oxide and oxygen.
A key complication of acute hyponatraemia is normocapnic or hypercapnic respiratory failure; the associated hypoxaemia may amplify the neurologic injury.
Human erythropoietin response to hypocapnic hypoxia, normocapnic hypoxia, and hypocapnicnormoxia.
The trial included only normocapnic patients and did not compare EMST with other forms of training, which the authors considered the study limitation [6].
7 kg, 4 females and 6 males) in the RMET group performed their usual training sessions (TS) and received RMET (in the form of normocapnic hyperpnea); and ten swimmers (16.
Table 3 Arterial blood gas response Normocapnic Hypercapnic group * group ([dagger]) Baseline Number of patients 18 18 pH 7.
In arterial blood gas analysis, the patient has hypoxemic and normocapnic respiratory deficiency with PaO2: 55mmHG, PCO2: 46mmHg, SaO2: 88%.
All the patients were classified as cryptogenic, except a 49-year-old woman who presented with normocapnic respiratory failure and acute renal failure.
In the most extensive evaluation of changes in respiratory function during sleep in COPD, Ballard et al (46) studied 5 normocapnic patients with severe, stable COPD using a horizontal body box.
Fourth, there is heterogeneity in the method of IMT examined in previous reviews: normocapnic hyperpnea, threshold loading, and resistive loading.