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Pertaining to the normal or usual.
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But that does not mean that my pain is normatively relevant only for me.
The good life for human beings, as I have suggested, should be understood as a matter of strong evaluation: that is, it is a normatively higher, more fulfilling mode of life, which involves "noble activity" and makes normative demands upon us.
Yet legal education neglects the subject of representation, which is a normatively more complex and demanding position in the U.
The Roe Court viewed the strong version of the state's interest as "rigid" because that theory holds that the fetus is normatively (as well as biologically) human regardless of its stage of development (that is, from conception on).
Normatively speaking, certain Islamic values are germane to modern political liberalism as an ideology.
Its implementation created a new context, both materially and normatively, that significantly improved Japan's image in Southeast Asia, enabled Japan to contribute politically to Southeast Asian affairs and laid the foundations of the strong Japan-Southeast Asia relationship that we see today.
This insight, Campbell argues, is that the way the referent of 'I' is determined does not causally or normatively explain the 'pattern of use' we make of it.
In short, Jeff suggests my argument is both praxeologically and normatively problematic.
Third, many suggest that, when it comes to overcoming fundamental global challenges, the current institutional arrangements fall short not just normatively but also practically.
EU citizenship is normatively limited to the extent that EU integration is also normatively limited.
Recent public surveys reveal that nearly 80 percent of the people normatively support cultural rights but they also adopt a conservative position and approach vis-Ea-vis the Kurdish issue.
China will never again submit to the West militarily, so it should not submit to the West normatively either, the reasoning goes.