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Pertaining to the normal or usual.
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and inferences, artifactual normative standards govern artifacts, and
biological normative standards govern organs and biological processes.
The paper further builds on Meyer and Parfyonova's (2010) call for a greater focus on normative commitment factors and a re-appraisal of their role in the workplace; a role that became largely overshadowed by affective commitment factors following the advent of the well-known Meyer et al.
Essentially, we are dealing with a range of ideas about the purposes and or consequences of journalism, often with a normative tendency expressed in prescriptions and assertions of how journalism ought optimally to be carried out [.
h3: Internal marketing has a significant impact on normative commitment.
The features and particularities of normative administrative act
To fill this void, we used the social influence theory, which provides an integrated framework of informational and normative influence.
Although constructivists have emphasized how underlying normative structures constitute actors' identities and interests, they have rarely treated these normative structures themselves as defined and infused by power, or emphasized how constitutive effects also are expressions of power.
different normative constructions accept the jural meaning of the
That said, while The Status of Law in World Society might not be a pioneering piece of work, its intellectual scope and ambition make it an essential text for anyone interested in the normative organisation of international society.
We cannot make sense of ourselves as agents, LeBar argues, unless we accept that we have one ultimate end--a final end that derives none of its value or normative force from other ends and is itself the source of the value of all other ends.
This paper elucidates how the LEVs separate a positive standard from a normative standard in ascertaining the essential properties of law, and in unambiguously providing a systematic explanation of the nature of law in instituting the positivity of law.