normal animal

nor·mal an·i·mal

in research, an experimental animal that has neither suffered an attack of a particular disease nor received an injection of a specific microorganism or its toxin.
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It has to be a community effort that begins with the simple awareness that the normal animal control practices like dog culling are just not working.
Chickens were raised in small wire cages so that they had no room to turn around and were packed together, usually eight in one cage, with no space for normal animal behavior.
Since the House of Lords ruled in 2003 that "strict liability" applied to all animal owners - even the owners of a perfectly normal animal that causes injury by behaving in a way typical of its species - insurance premiums have soared, threatening the livelihoods of thousands in small stables across the country.
In addition to growing organs for transplants, the organs also could be used for testing new medications, giving results that would be more similar to human reactions than a normal animal organ would give.
It wouldn't matter that an animal was properly enclosed and looked after, or that it was acting as any normal animal would, the unfortunate owner would be penalised.
Fortunately, the towns have not had to endure anything other than the normal animal control calls of at least once a day, which can be anything from a stray dog to an animal accident.
Because in 2003, a legal judgement in the Animal Act 1971 made owners liable for the consequences of normal animal behaviour.
This study shows that our G-CSF and SCF, derived from human cells instead of the normal animal, yeast or bacterial cells, used together form a powerful combination for inducing stem cell expansion in vitro," Dr Greg Russell-Jones, Apollo's Science Director, said.
Under the new interpretation, liability also hits owners of a perfectly normal animal that causes injury just by behaving in a way typical of its species.
Monkeys given nicotine and vitamin C had lung air flow close to that of a normal animal, he said.
We established normal animal values for three chemistry analyzers and one hematology analyzer in the hospital laboratory by first running 20 to 50 specimens of frozen pooled commercial animal sera for chemistry controls, along with freshly drawn serum and whole blood for both chemistry and hematology.
These now include, for example, spacing requirements for the rearing pens of certain species of animals, such as pigs and cows, to ensure they are not cramped and can engage in normal animal behaviour.