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Yellow liquid or crystal with a citrus odor, can be isolated from grapefruit.
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While nootkatone, a bioactive natural component of Alaskan yellow cedar oil, has been shown to kill ticks in high numbers, it is quite expensive to produce, according to Thomas Mather, a University of Rhode Island professor and tick expert who runs www.
A GREEN campaigner fears a Welsh-Government backed bio-tech firm is using "extreme genetic engineering" or "synthetic biology" to turn orange essence into grapefruit ingredient nootkatone.
Biocatalysts Ltd will produce a "magic" enzyme that will help manufacture the wonderfully-named nootkatone.
Nootkatone, a characteristic constituent of grapefruit, stimulates energy metabolism and prevents diet-induced obesity by activating AMPK.
Nootkatone (CAS 4674-50-4) Market Research Report 2014 presents comprehensive data on nootkatone markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.
We will study carvone, nootkatone and methyl-gamma-cyclogeranate, with enantiomers that smell differently, and fenchone, gamma-octathionolactone and tetrahydronootkatone, with enantiomers that smell the same.
Efficacy of vetiver oil and nootkatone as soil barriers against Formosan subterranean termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae).
Flavone and nootkatone levels in different varieties of grapefruit and pomelo.
Derived from essential oils of plants such as grapefruit, vetiver grass, and Alaskan yellow cedar, as well as by chemical synthesis methods, nootkatone is commonly used in foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
For instance, the Baton Rouge biologists have isolated an oil known as nootkatone from the roots of a grass called vetiver.
Zylepsis' design of a novel reactor for removing the nootkatone in situ has provided a solution to the problem, and it should now be possible to recognise the commercial potential of this bioconversion