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Fiskars has developed a line of spoons and spatulas that are ideal for nonstick surfaces and rest above the countertop.
Both types of bags are kind to nonstick surfaces and effective at removing stubborn food particles.
The pans feature nonstick surfaces that are scratch resistant and easy to clean.
The products feature sophisticated nonstick surfaces and higher absorbency to help users transition from hospital care to healing at home.
And the Environmental Protection Agency plans to evaluate six high-profile chemicals: BPA, phthalates used in vinyl and cosmetics, flame retardants, perflourinated compounds in nonstick surfaces, some parafins, and benzidine dyes and pigments.
By providing professional-quality cookware with two nonstick surfaces in one set, we are giving cooks the freedom to experiment and truly savor their time in the kitchen.
The nonstick surfaces on the high-carbon stainless steel blades make for good performance and easy cleaning.
Sticky Situation: Nonstick surfaces can turn toxic at high heat" (SN: 6/7/03, p.
Nonstick surfaces are now a given in such implements, but Circulon has gone far beyond this with its Total Ti Titanium-Composite Hi-Low Food Release System.
As for nonstick surfaces, Whitford introduced a new innovation with its Halo coating, which transfers heat faster and more efficiently than other nonstick coatings.
For example, our indoor barbecues and grills feature T-Fal nonstick surfaces, and our deep fryers also have nonstick coatings to satisfy the need for easy cleaning.
Set up a crock of utensils that won't damage nonstick surfaces and add in signage that explains that while most high-quality surfaces won't chip or scratch, the best tools for the job are silicone-coated spatulas and other softer tools.
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