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At the end of the examination, most patients will fall into one of two broad groups--those with a specific diagnosis, and those with nonspecific back pain, either acute or chronic.
Patients with disc herniation take longer to recover than those with nonspecific back pain, but nevertheless have an excellent prognosis for spontaneous recovery; 50% of cases recover within 4 weeks, and 95% within 6 months.
The good news is that most nonspecific back pain gets better on its own without any treatment.
Nationally, the indirect and direct costs of nonspecific back pain run in the billions of dollars.
Flexibility is one of the employers most critical tools in helping facilitate the return of an employee with nonspecific back pain.
Recommendations Include Avoiding Imaging Tests such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT Scans for Patients with Nonspecific Back Pain
Some insurance companies and state workers' compensation funds are already balking at paying for surgery to treat nonspecific back pain associated with psychosocial problems, he noted.