nonprofit insurers

nonprofit insurers, service corporations organized under nonprofit laws for the purpose of providing dental care insurance.
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Silver plans from nonprofit insurers are least expensive in 58% of counties that have both nonprofit and for-profit silver plans
In most counties where nonprofit and for-profit insurers both offered Obamacare health plans, nonprofit insurers offered the cheapest premiums for metal plans .
HealthPocket found that nonprofit insurers offered the lowest silver plan premiums in 1,072 of the 1,841 counties where both nonprofit and for-profit insurers offered silver plans, a 58% to 42% advantage over for-profit insurers.
Many of the nonprofit insurers are startups and have faced challenges as they tried to attract customers, including: the computer problems that plagued many of the signup websites; plans that weren't priced to compete; and a failure to develop brand recognition, due in part to restrictions on advertising and lobbying that were a condition of the co-ops accepting the federal funding.
Just 5 percent of enrollees in Washington state's marketplace had chosen community nonprofit insurers by the end of February.
While most insurers quantify market impact in terms of financial data, the three nonprofit insurers profiled in the following pages have evolved from a market-driven force that left a segment with coverage issues for one reason or another.
In addition, the conversion of nonprofit insurers to for-profit status further subjects the industry to Wall Street's unrealistic market-share and profit expectations, neither of which has demonstrated an historical bias for social benefit.
For-profit and nonprofit insurers are merging and combining forces in ways that increase their leverage over health-care providers and even more so over patients.
In regional and national markets, profitability has remained favorable for both for-profit and nonprofit insurers.
WORCESTER - Fallon Community Health Plan said it is taking another look at paying its board of directors as regulators continue to investigate how nonprofit insurers confront the thorny compensation issue.
In general, states limit reserving capability of nonprofit insurers, keeping their rates low.
All nonprofit insurers would be governed by the same regulations and requirements as for-profit insurance companies.
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