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Never having borne a child.
Synonym(s): nonparous


Etymology: L, non, parere, to bear
indicating a woman who has never given birth to a child. Also nulliparous.


adjective Referring to a women who has never delivered an infant.


Nulliparous, see there.
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Teat wear and relative width of the pubic symphysis were used to identify nonparous females, and we assumed most nonparous females were young-of-the-year.
We predicted that by late summer nonparous 2 yr olds would be heavier than parous 2 yr olds.
Parous 2 yr olds in 1988 gained less than half as much mass as nonparous ones during summer (6.
Uteri from nonparous females were stained with 2% ammonium sulfide to detect cases of full-litter resorption (Narotsky et al.
It has been inferred that other components of the population not seen during the surveys, specifically adult males and nonparous adult females, occur in more southern waters around Southampton Island in northwestern Hudson Bay (DFO, 1999; Cosens and Blouw, 2003).
IUGR rates among nonparous and younger (< 25 years) women were much higher (Table 2).