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nonmetals, a fundamental grouping of elements like sulfur, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in the periodic table that have similar chemical and physical properties; they are insulators or semiconductors and form ionic bonds with metals and covalent bonds with other nonmetals.
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Carbon is the nonmetal with the highest melting point.
Helium He -272 Nonmetal Hydrogen -259 Neon -249 Oxygen -218 Nitrogen -210 Chlorine -101 Mercury -39 Francium 27 Rubidium 39 Sulfur 113 Silver 962 Gold 1,064 Iron 1,535 Tungsten 3,410 Carbon 3,500 SOURCE: www.
Like other metalloids on the periodic table, this one can act like a metal or nonmetal.
The mystery element typically donates three electrons to a nonmetal.