nodular opacity

nod·u·lar o·pac·i·ty

a solitary, round, circumscribed shadow found in the lung on chest radiograph; causes include granuloma, primary or metastatic carcinoma, benign tumor, vascular malformation.
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9) They found that nodular opacity was seen in all, confluent consolidation was seen in 37% and CWALV was seen in 69%.
On CT, nodular opacity were seen in all, while confluent consolidation were seen in 37% and CWALV in 69% of patient.
Physical examination detected diffuse rales, and chest radiographs showed a diffuse nodular opacity and bronchial thickening, confirmed by high-resolution computed tomography (CT) of the chest (Figure, panel A).
Chest X-ray showed nodular opacity in left upper zone likely to be an old solidified granuloma and the rest of lung fields were clear but blunting of left cardiophrenic angle was noted which later showed on ultrasonography to be pleural thickening.
A chest X-ray showed a small nodular opacity in the right upper lung.
A nodular opacity was detected anteriorly on the lateral view.
A preoperative chest radiograph taken before open reduction and internal fixation to repair the fracture showed a 2-cm nodular opacity in the right upper hemithorax.

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