Denoting an organism that morphologically and culturally resembles members of the genus Nocardia.
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Up to February 24, there have been 126 abortions this year caused by the condition known as nocardioform placentitis, compared with six last year and 40 in 2009.
The highest number of abortions caused by nocardioform placentitis was 144 in 1999, which represents around one per cent of the Kentucky mare population.
Nocardioform placentitis is an inflammation of the placenta that causes abortion, stillbirth or foals to be born alive but compromised.
The nocardioform actinomycetes and some of rhodococcus species have been used for cholesterol oxidase production.
erythropolis strain ATCC 4277, two primers from a partial sequences of COX gene in nocardioform microorganism were designed for amplification of a fragment of genomic DNA containing 240bp .
erythropolis in concert with two primers were employed including forward Primer and the reverse Primer from a partial sequences of a novel cholesterol oxidase gene from Nocardioform microorganism.
2007), whereas Rhodococcus, a diverse-metabolizing nocardioform actinomycete, is in turn able to use a wide range of hydrophobic compounds as a carbon source, such as hydrocarbons, chlorinated phenols, steroids and crude oil (Correa Bicca et al.
Gram staining showed gram-positive nocardioform rods, and subculture on tryptic soy agar with 7% sheep blood yielded polymorphous colonies that sunk into the agar and showed filamentous growth.
Or, in their last month of pregnancy, the mares may be stricken with a disease called nocardioform placentitis, causing weak or stillborn foals.
Since 1986, nocardioform placentitis has dashed many dreams for prize-winning horses in Kentucky.
equi to induce nocardioform placentitis in a horse.