night-blooming cereus

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night-blooming cereus (nītˑ blōōˑ·ming sirˑ·ē·s),

n Latin name:
Selenicereus grandiflorus; parts used: flowers, stems; uses: heart conditions, urinary tract conditions, hyperthyroidism, benign prostatic hypertrophy; precautions: pregnancy and lactation, infants and children, high blood pressure, severe cardiac conditions, cardiac glycosides, MAOIs. Also called
large-flowered cactus, queen of the night, sweet-scented cactus, or
vanilla cactus.
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Try night-blooming cereus (Cactus grandiflorus) for gripping pains in the womb, Graphites (black lead) for bad period pain with a headache and Pulsatilla for bad pain with weepiness.
The reason for this regional boom of sightings, the article revealed, was the night-blooming cereus cactus, which mutated an extra proton in its molecular structure to create a radical stable "element 115," the rumored fuel of alien spaceships.