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Relating to a nidus, or nest.


/ni·dal/ (nīd´'l) pertaining to a nidus.


Relating to a nidus, or nest.


(ni'dus) plural.nidi [L., nest]
1. A nestlike structure.
2. Focus of infection.
3. A nucleus or origin of a nerve. nidal (ni'dal), adjective

nidus avis cerebelli

A deep sulcus on each side of the inferior vermis, separating it from the adjacent lobes of the hemispheres.

nidus hirundinis

Cerebral depression between the uvula and the posterior velum. Synonym: swallow's nest
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Nidal Alsayyed, President and CEO - INAYAH said that there is an immense need of synergy required to enhance Islamic finance awareness and capacity building at present.
Right, Major Nidal Malik Hasan faces the death penalty
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Talal Husseini, the notary public who married off Khoulud and Nidal, explained that the reason behind refusing civil marriage in Lebanon is that such marriage is considered by some people to be shaking the confessional system and tampering with it.
Dr Nidal Hilal said: "The degradation of membrane performance due to (bio) fouling and scaling is a major concern for membrane processes in desalination industry, water and wastewater treatment technologies.
In November 2009, US Army Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on his fellow soldiers at a base in Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13.
Entre los equipos utilizados en la produccion cunicula, el nidal es uno de los mas importantes, pues tiene incidencia directa sobre la actividad maternal de la coneja y por consiguiente la viabilidad de los gazapos durante el periparto y lactancia, periodo en el que se observa un mayor porcentaje de mortalidad (Berovides y Fernandez, 1982).
Summary: US army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan has appeared in court charged with killing 13 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.
BDB's chief executive officer, Nidal Al-Awjan, said, 'The agreement with Coface is part of the steps undertaken by the bank to launch the export credit guarantee.
For two decades, Abu Nidal was the most notorious name in terrorism worldwide, the most dreaded international villain, who made regular appearances in popular fiction and thrillers.
ANKARA, Jan 14, 2011 (TUR) -- Syrian Ambassador in Ankara, Nidal Kabalan, said Thursday that they were pleased with Turkish efforts to solve the political crisis in Lebanon.
CDFJ President Nidal Mansour gave a briefing on the goals of the parliamentary Media Forum, which is affiliated with the center, in reorganizing the relationship between the media and the Council of Representatives