nick translation

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nick trans·la·tion

a technique in which a bacterial DNA polymerase is used to degrade a single strand of DNA that has been nicked and then to resynthesize that strand, often with labeled nucleoside triphosphates.

nick translation

a method of labeling DNA in the laboratory by using the enzyme DNA polymerase.

nick translation

a process of repairing a NICK in a DNA MOLECULE using the enzyme DNA POLYMERASE. This method is often used in vitro to introduce labelled NUCLEOTIDES into DNA in order to label a DNA PROBE.


the synthesis of a polypeptide using messenger RNA as a template, a complex process involving ribosomes and transfer RNAs; every three bases (a codon) along the mRNA beginning with the start codon specifies one amino acid in the polypeptide chain. See also deoxyribonucleic acid.

translation-inhibitory protein (TIP)
produced by cells with depression of DNA synthesis caused by the action of interferons. It inhibits viral replication by binding viral RNA on cell ribosomes.
nick translation
an in vitro procedure for introducing radiolabeled nucleotides into DNA. A method for preparing highly radioactive probes for use in a wide variety of hydridization techniques both in vitro and in vivo. The DNA fragment to be labeled and used as a probe is mixed with DNA polymerase I and the 4 α NTPs, one of which is labeled; the polymerase nicks the DNA fragment and by strand displacement (exonuclease action) displaces and recopies, incorporating the labeled α NTP.