new attachment

new at·tach·ment

(nū ă-tach'mĕnt)
Union of connective tissue or epithelium with a root surface that has been deprived of its original attachment apparatus; the new attachment may be epithelial adhesion and/or connective tissue adaptation or attachment and may include new cementum.

new attachment,

n a connection formed between epithelium or connective tissue and a root surface that has lost its original attachment; this new connection may involve new cementum, epithelial adhesion, and connective adaptation.
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Along with new attachment viewing capabilities, Helio is also announcing Mail for Microsoft Exchange 1.
the ability to view images within a message, priority settings with color coding and new attachment features.
This new attachment can be mounted to any Manitowoc 2250 and takes less than one day to set up.
Gehl, "good demand for the recently introduced all-wheel steer loader and compact tracked loader products, sales of telescopic handlers and compact excavators to Mustang dealers, and sales from the Company's new attachment business and the Company's newest subsidiary, Gehl Europe, have all benefited total Company sales.
Innovations that will drive this growth range from non-asbestos organic and semi-metallic materials to new attachment technology for integrally molded brake shoes and linings.
Perimeter Manager's new attachment handling capability blocks or routes email messages based upon their attachment content.
Boeing's plan calls for modifying all struts by installing two additional mountings, which will be bolted to a new attachment fastened to the underside of the wing.
By combining our comprehensive monitoring technology with the new attachment analysis and centralized navigation features, VIEW 4.
With this new attachment there are virtually no limits to how fruits and vegetables can be used in healthy and interesting ways," said Beth Robinson, senior brand experience manager for KitchenAid.
Contract notice: Fachhochschule potsdam, new attachment 2 to the laboratory and workshop building, gu overall performance.
This next-generation solution includes new predictive defense capabilities, as well as the new attachment defense module and updated real-time threat dashboard.
It also has a new attachment button to save time when sending files.

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