neutron radiation

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neu·tron ra·di·a·tion

an emission of neutrons from the nucleus of an atom by decay or fission.
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Shah was accompanied by Rastgo Hawrami and Urmila Shirwadkar, RMD scientists who were instrumental in the development of RMD's gamma and neutron radiation detection research capabilities.
Therefore, about 20 dosemeters for ambient radiation exposures H* for gamma, beta and neutron radiation are to be delivered.
One research project examined the second cancer risk associated with whole-body exposure to stray neutron radiation from proton therapy.
20 and on records of neutron radiation levels detected around the facility starting from the evening of the day of the accident.
These contracts will foster Dynasil's continued research and development of gamma and neutron radiation detectors capable of identifying illicit nuclear materials.
2 million and will see Kromek carrying out development of an advanced portable detection system for gamma and neutron radiation signatures.
For an avionic system designer, this immunity is essential because the occurrence of troublesome neutron radiation is approximately 150 times higher at commercial aviation altitudes than at sea level.
Overexposure to neutron radiation usually lowers the number of lymphocytes in a person's blood.
The badge is ideal for customers who need to accurately measure fast neutron radiation in facilities with neutron generators, cyclotrons or linear accelerators.
In particular, SRAM used to store important information such as system programs and billing data must provide a high level of reliability, and particular attention has come to be focused on measures to reduce soft error caused by alpha radiation and cosmic neutron radiation.
For this particular test, we chose to run the experiment at LANSCE to replicate closely the energy spectrum found in naturally occurring background neutron radiation in the earth's atmosphere and at ground level.
According to an expert, significant proof demonstrating the possible occurrence of prompt criticality is neutron radiation data gathered by a monitoring station of the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute in the town of Naka, about 1.