neutron radiation

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neu·tron ra·di·a·tion

an emission of neutrons from the nucleus of an atom by decay or fission.
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A key element of SIGMA, which began in 2014, has been to develop and test low-cost, high-efficiency, radiation sensors that detect gamma and neutron radiation.
The work will involve developing an advanced portable detection system for gamma and neutron radiation that can be combined in large networks, providing information on radiation signatures over an extended area.
They calculated the level of radiation by measuring the level of zinc-65 that is released after the zinc in the coins is bombarded by neutron radiation.
SNL and ORNL were among the co-developers of n-Defender, a new high performing neutron radiation detection technology specifically designed for security monitoring applications, with an emphasis on reliability, accuracy, and ease of use.
20 and on records of neutron radiation levels detected around the facility starting from the evening of the day of the accident.
Bubble Technologies developed technology for real-time measurements of neutron radiation aboard the ISS, which was later used to monitor radiation levels at the site of the Chernobyl disaster.
Overexposure to neutron radiation usually lowers the number of lymphocytes in a person's blood.
Contract award notice: delivery, installation and commissioning of fixed monitors gamma and neutron radiation on railway border crossing siemianwka - swislocz.