neutral wrist position

neu·tral wrist po·si·tion

(nū'trăl rist pŏ-zish'ŭn)
Ideal position of the wrist while performing work activities that is associated with decreased risk of musculoskeletal injury.
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The laminated wood Pro-Fit grip is designed to produce a neutral wrist position and is interchangeable with wood side plates and an elastomeric option.
The keyboard also sports Microsoft s own Contour Curve design, which features a six-degree bend in the keyboard layout with a dome-shaped arc to help promote a comfortable, neutral wrist position while keeping keys within easy reach.
Isometric activation of pronator quadratus in supination and neutral wrist position can serve to stabilise the distal radioulnar joint (both pre-and postoperatively).
By navigating the mouse with the entire arm and using the elbow as a pivot point, the user is also more apt to maintain a straight, neutral wrist position.
Similar results were found for wrist strength at the neutral wrist position.
The neck attachment systems provide for easy repositioning of the nozzle, allowing workers to maintain a neutral wrist position while welding on angles or awkward position.
The Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard currently has a split design that allows the user to adjust the keyboard both horizontally and vertically to achieve a neutral wrist position (where the wrists are straight and the palms face more medially).
The Cure's grip is formed by the contoured handle area, which is set to an angle designed to produce a neutral wrist position.
A two-piece, molded composite grip is designed to produce a neutral wrist position while also serving as a comfortable interface for the shooter.
The one-piece custom walnut grip is designed for comfort and functionality with a neutral wrist position.
Also attached to the riser's handle is a one-piece synthetic grip designed to encourage a neutral wrist position.
The grip encourages a neutral wrist position at full draw.