neutral spirits

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neu·tral spir·its

spirits distilled from suitable raw materials, are 95% ethanol (v/v), that is, at least 190 proof when distilled. Used for blending with straight whiskey and for making gin, cordials, liqueurs, and vodka.
See also: alcohol.
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Southern Comfort -- An American liqueur produced since 1874 from a base of grain neutral spirits and flavored with peach liqueur, fresh peach and citrus extracts.
Magellan--The small batch gin is made in Cognac from triple-distilled neutral spirits, spring water and 11 freeze-dried botanicals.
This involves a continuous flow of the neutral spirits through tanks containing at least 1.
Compound gin, a less costly method, is produced by combining neutral spirits with the oil and extracts of the desired botanicals.
A premium brand may contain as many as 75 different straight whiskies and grain neutral spirits.