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Pertaining to neuropsychology.
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No, it is not possible to be schizophrenic yet neuropsychologically normal.
Unemployment in that group reached 22 percent, compared to 10 percent among neuropsychologically healthy HIV-positive men, according to Heaton's team.
These reports and indeed the world-wide occurrence of shamanistic subterranean and subaquatic journeys can probably be ascribed to the neuropsychologically determined experience of a vortex that engulfs subjects as they move into deep trance.
Theoretical guidance is sorely needed in this process, and Haywood's theory is as promising in this regard as any, though others seem equally useful at this point, particularly neuropsychologically based models (e.
People with psychotic depression are, neuropsychologically, incredibly impaired, far more so than nonpsychotic depressed people.
Mild TBI subjects complaining of symptoms one to 24 months post-injury who had brief LOC did not differ neuropsychologically from those without LOC (Leininger, Gramling, Farrell, Kreutzer, & Peck, 1990).