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Bastert and Schlafke (24) assessed 125 patients with organic brain dysfunction with a battery of neuropsychological tests to measure executive functions.
Qualitative descriptive research design was chosen for this study with Maori so that we could talk to them and explore their experiences of the neuropsychological assessment process.
In addition to the cognitive aspect of a neuropsychological evaluation, personality measures are incorporated when relevant
Moreover, clinical services that hope to integrate neuropsychological assessment into poststroke care may find its practical implementation challenging.
She has been one of the leaders of our field for the past three decades and has achieved all of the major successes - being elected president of the International Neuropsychological Society, leading the landmark workshop that established training credentials in our field (the Houston Conference in 1997) and contributing to the book that is the 'bible' in our field,” said Daniel Tranel, a professor in the department of neurology at the University of Iowa.
In the Duke study of patients with MCI, the misclassification rate, based only on the neuropsychological screening and other clinical data about the patients, was about 41 percent.
However, when diagnoses were made based on assessment of neuropsychological functioning, it has been found that there is a significant association between both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease in elderly males who were exposed to pesticides through their jobs in the French Vineyards (Baldi et al.
Executive function test: These neuropsychological tests selected for assessing participants' executive functions were conducted by the researcher who had received training in this field from a consultant psychologist prior to the implementation.
Therefore, the present study aimed to examine the associations of subjective and physiological stress and CR with neuropsychological performance in healthy elderly people.
CGS) and Clinical Ink, a provider of eSource and patient engagement technologies, on Tuesday reported a strategic alliance to provide enhanced tablet-based neuropsychological assessments for CNS clinical trials.
Keywords: cognitive outcomes, neuropsychological outcomes, subarachnoid hemorrhage, work, work productivity
Conducting a Culturally Informed Neuropsychological Evaluation

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