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Pharmacodynamic changes with vecuronium in sepsis are associated with expression of a7- and a-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in an experimental rat model of neuromyopathy.
13) (Up to elevated (13) 60% of patients on long-term glucocorticoids experience myopathy) Chloroquine Slow, progressive, Chronic use, higher painless proximal doses (14) muscle weakness and atrophy--typically in the arms more than in the legs; may be secondary to a concomitant neuromyopathy (14) Amiodarone Case reports of Kidney disease, myopathy with severe simultaneous use of proximal and distal colchicine and/or muscle weakness and statins.
Effects of chronic sepsis on contractile properties of fast twitch muscle in an experimental model of critical illness neuromyopathy in the rat.
Critical illness neuromyopathy and muscle weakness in patients in the intensive care unit.
critical illness neuromyopathy, critical illness polyneuropathy).
Colchicine use is associated with a variety of neuromuscular complications, including generalized myopathy, painful neuromyopathy, rhabdomyolysis, and, rarely, clinical and electrophysiologic myotonia.
The 57-year-old suffers from peripheral neuromyopathy as well as arthritis and said without treatment the pain is gradually getting worse.
A distal aorta thrombus (saddle thrombus) results in ischemic neuromyopathy.
He advised performing genetic tests on the mother, father, and infant for the various mutations that can occur to the LCHAD gene, because the infant is at risk of sudden death, cardiomyopathy, and neuromyopathy.