neuromuscular system

neu·ro·mus·cu·lar sys·tem

the muscles of the body collectively and the nerves supplying them.
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Contract notice: purchase of diagnostic electron microscopy for the diagnosis of cancer and diseases of the neuromuscular system, kidney tumors, identity microorganisms in the tissues.
Wu said that the multiple micro-muscles can be assembled into a micro-robotic system that simulates an active neuromuscular system, asserting that the naturally combined functions of proximity sensing and torsional motion allow the device to remotely detect a target and respond by reconfiguring itself to a different shape.
They cover the history of the field, aspects of physical examination, the general properties of drugs and pharmacotherapy, and specific diseases and conditions related to endocrinology, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, oncology and immunology, the orthopedic and musculoskeletal systems, the neuromuscular system, and special populations (children, the elderly, and patients with depression).
Mutations in mitochondria cause a wide variety of diseases, such eye and neuromuscular system disorders and possible cancer.
For example, climbing teaches the body to work as one integrated unit, challenging the musculoskeletal structures as well as the neuromuscular system responsible for innervating movement.
Prolonged elevation of C has been shown to exhibit an inhibition effect on the neuromuscular system.
The electric current fired from a Taser affects the body's neuromuscular system, which is said to cause people to collapse without leaving lasting injuries.
Therefore, if I identified his progression of impairments as a neonate; they started in his physiologically based systems, cardiopulmonary and internal organs, which in turn adversely influenced the neuromuscular system creating low tone, and they had the potential to adversely affect his musculoskeletal and integument/fascial systems.
Normal walking process causes many changes to neuromuscular system of a human body restricting his stability capabilities and increasing his body temperature.
Staffordshire police are using a Taser model called the X26, delivering an electrical current that temporarily interferes with the body's neuromuscular system.