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Network analysis as we know it today was first formulated in the work of Moreno and H.
The study of the diffusion of information in networks was significant in network analysis.
The use of social network analysis enables the development of effective defence strategies through the detection and disclosure of structures within conspiring groupings and the identification of affiliates or potential breakage points.
As Netcordia continues to expand its network analysis portfolio, including expanding internationally, Betsy's extensive experience in the operations of successfully building start-ups into billion dollar businesses will be invaluable to us," said Don Pyle, CEO of Netcordia.
As networks become more complex, Netcordia's innovative network analysis tools will enable companies to manage their networks quickly and easily, which is an absolute necessity in running a successful business today.
1eIUs Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) module, the "real" organization chart will be revealed based on employee communication patterns.
Building on more than 40 years of expertise in network analysis, the E5071C ENA Series represents a new RF network analyzer standard from 9 kHz to 8.
Netcordia, a leading provider of network analysis tools, today announced the completion of its Series B round of funding of $10 million led by Trinity Ventures, and joined by original Series A investor Novak Biddle Venture Partners.
Netcordia meets these demands with NetMRI, an award-winning network analysis appliance that goes beyond reporting to provide analysis based upon expert rules and best practices.
WildPackets is a founding member of the Application Performance Index (Apdex) Alliance, an open consortium of leading vendors in the network analysis and measurement industry that have defined a new performance reporting methodology.

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