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And, because ospreys typically return to nesting sites and do not like objects over their nests, Bruzek knew that any nests removed would be quickly replaced by the tenacious birds.
Studies of cavity nesting birds typically employ wooden boxes, which are relatively permanent and resistant to destruction by predators.
The only problem is it didn't address protecting eagle habitat, nesting territory around a nest.
Changes in nest composition may have important consequences for the persistence of bird species in urban environments, as nest composition is generally believed to have important impacts on nesting or fledgling success (Rendell and Verbeek 1996, Alabrudzinska et al.
We transformed daily nest-survival rate to predicted period survival (percentage of nests fledging at least one nestling during the study period) by raising daily nest-survival rate to the power of 38, the number of days in the nesting period of the black-chinned hummingbird at our study areas.
Habitat management recommendations for cavity nesting birds have generally centered on the maintenance of large trees (dbh [less than or equal to] 50 cm) (von Haartmann 1957; Hay & Guntert 1983; Sedgewick & Knopf 1986; Dobkin et al.
A beach with 1,000 nesting females is a huge opportunity to harvest food.
Development on nearby islands may be driving nesting turtles to Wassaw, he says.
Ahlund and Andersson monitored the fortunes of pairs nesting at Lake Mjorn in southwestern Sweden.
Of the pair of nesting eagles, one sports a green wing tag indicating it is one of the birds released in Georgia as part of the Department of Natural Resources' Nongame-Endangered Wildlife Program's Raptor Restoration Project.