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Vox populi A popular term, especially among those of lower socioeconomic strata for anxiety, as in she's got nerves. Cf Nerve.

Patient discussion about nerves

Q. why does ADHD make kind of an hype to children? is it a nerve defect?

A. it's a complex interaction among genetic and environmental factors causing a disorder in the central nervous system. a study showed a delay in development of certain brain structures n the frontal cortex and temporal lobe, which are believed to be responsible for the ability to control and focus thinking.

Q. What is ERD examination?My doctor want to find where is nerve is sprained. How this examonation will help? If the nerve is sprained by muscles or vertebrae what treat may be given by a doctor?

A. Sorry, but never heard of an examination called ERD, especially not for sprained muscle. Do you mean ERS?

Anyway, you may read more here:

Q. Nerves of pregnant woman can cause damage to the fetus?

A. Well, if by nerves you mean nervousness or stress, it hasn't been proven that stress during pregnancy can cause damage to the fetus. However, stress can damage the woman's health by lowering the body immunity and making it harder for the body to fight inflammation, infections, etc.

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The following measurements have been done in each dissected nerve (the male and female cadavers):
a) The distance from tibial nerve origin (at the end of the sciatic nerve) to its terminal division deep to the flexor retinaculum.
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Nerve transfer is one of the important nerve injury treatment modalities to restore limb function.
In 46% of all the cases only one nerve was injured, in 24%--nerve injury was accompanied by damage to flexor or extensor tendons, in 10% also other nerves (two or three altogether) were injured, together with tendons and arteries (one or two).
When also other structures were affected (one or two nerves, flexor or/and extensor tendons, one or two arteries), trauma was found in 13 median nerves and 8 ulnar nerves.
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Four intercostobrachial nerves (T1, T2, T3 and T4) were noted as single trunks on each side in one cadaver.
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The geographic segments included in nerve regeneration market report are Asia, Europe, North America, and the Rest of the World (RoW).