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It is the commonest muscle in the body to show variations with respect to its origin, insertion, nerve supply and number of heads.
In correcting bone and muscle structures, the nerve supply to the different muscles and organs are improved, which invariably affect their overall health and well-being.
Lupus can affect the feet in relation to their structure, function, blood and nerve supply.
The patient described numbness in the region of the left ulnar nerve supply, but no sensory loss nor muscle weakness were noted.
As the outer casing of the disc splits, the contents bulge out, causing pain in the area and affecting nerve supply to other areas of the body.
Sudden onset double vision is invariably the result of a breakdown in the normal function of the nerve supply to the extra ocular muscles, either following a vascular accident or trauma.
Anorectal surgery requires deep anesthesia because the manipulated zone gets multiple nerve supply and is reflexogenic2.
These spinal misalignments can affect the nerve supply to the body and the blood flow to the head.
Inability to sense pain and absence of hidrosis in the patients arise from absence of sympathetic nerve supply of the afferent neurons of pain and eccrine sweat glands due to tissue damage.
The branches are divided just before its level of termination to retain the antral nerve supply.