neovascular glaucoma

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ne·o·vas·cu·lar glau·co·ma

glaucoma occurring in rubeosis iridis.
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3) None of the patients in our study exhibited rubeosis iridis, neovascular glaucoma, or retinal artery or vein occlusion.
Rubeosis iridis was noted in 3 patients (25%) with ischaemic CRVO within four to six months and they went on to develop neovascular glaucoma one to two months later.
The treatment of neovascular glaucoma has been perceived as one of the most challenging problems in ophthalmology.
Other factors taken into consideration are total retinal detachment, profound uveitis and neovascular glaucoma.
None of the patients developed neovascular glaucoma due to iris or angle neovascularization.
Uveitic, Angle recession, Acute angle closure glaucoma and Neovascular glaucoma comprised less than 1% of cases.
Enucleation was performed in 3 patients due to neovascular glaucoma and painful eye and in 2 patients because of phthisis.
Background: Neovascular glaucoma (NVG) is a refractory glaucoma.
Medical and Surgical Treatment of Neovascular Glaucoma.
9%) had neovascular glaucoma (NVG); 20 patients (0.
The diagnosis of case 5 was neovascular glaucoma when he came to us.
INTRODUCTION: Neovascular glaucoma is defined as increased intraocular pressure associated with iris and/or angle neovascularization.