neoplastic disease

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neoplastic disease

an abnormal condition produced by a NEOPLASM.


pertaining to neoplasia or a neoplasm.

neoplastic disease
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Musculoskeletal syndromes, such as hypertrophic osteoarthropathy, carcinoma polyarthritis, dermatomyositis/polymyositis, and paraneoplastic vasculitis, fasciitis, panniculitis, erythema nodosum, Raynaud's syndrome, digital gangrene, erythromelalgia, and lupus-like syndromes, may be associated with neoplastic diseases (1).
2) Although computed tomography (CT) and MRI features of TB spondylitis have been reported in adults and children there is significant overlap with neoplastic disease.
In addition to the weakness and fatigue that occur in patients with PM or DM and a coexisting malignancy, the symptoms can develop in the progress of a neoplastic disease as the result of the systemic effects of cytokines released by the tumor cells.
The researchers found that 26 of the 46 patients with neoplastic disease and 17 of the 28 cancer patients had APC mutations.
Understanding the physiological significance of MCs in epithelial and immunological homeostasis and the pathophysiology of chronic intestinal inflammatory and neoplastic disease remains a great challenge.
A few cases of gastrointestinal ulceration and sepsis have also been reported as a sequela to the neoplastic disease process.
As the third largest human health disease following neoplastic disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the number of diabetic patients has continued growing from 246 million in 2007 to 382 million in 2013 at a compound annual growth rate of 7.
The second part identifies guidelines for the diagnosis of dental caries and periodontal conditions, oral infection, salivary conditions, oral neoplastic disease, oral complications associated with cancer therapy, profacial pain conditions, and oral manifestations of autoimmune, immune-mediated, and allergic disorders.
By connecting the diverse areas found in cancer research, a simplified view of neoplastic disease can be achieved--a major goal of the book.
Pediatric Use: Safety and efficacy of Rasuvo have not been established in pediatric patients with psoriasis, neoplastic disease, and pJIA.
Sections address normal thoracic anatomy, developmental anomalies, airways disease, atelectasis, pulmonary infections and aspiration pneumonia, neoplastic disease, thoracic trauma, diffuse lung disease, occupational lung disease, adult cardiovascular disease, abnormalities of the mediastinum, and pleura, chest wall, and diaphragm.
Although there are no reports about specific therapy for this neoplastic disease, either surgical resection or cauterization of the mass to maintain patency of the vent, similar to treatment for cloacal papilloma and adenocarcinoma, (9) can be attempted.