neonatal screening

ne·o·na·tal screen·ing

testing of newborns for the detection of preventable or curable disease or for diagnosis of genetic disease.
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However, most of these countries do have successful expanded immunisation programmes or some form of neonatal screening initiatives that could be used to implement neonatal hearing screening programmes.
Contract notice: Kits for neonatal screening of congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
The mass spectrometers measure the mass-to-charge ratio and the abundance of gas-phase ions and are highly useful in a range of sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, geology, the environment and clinical analysis for things like neonatal screening.
He also said that among the new tests launched, neonatal screening using a blood spot on card has been launched at CABRI to provide assistance in screening infants for 54 treatable conditions.
These new solution-based Certified Reference Materials are suitable for preparation of calibrators, controls, and linearity standards in clinical and diagnostic labs as well as hospitals and research settings which require the highest accuracy of results in applications ranging from diagnostic testing and clinical chemistry to endocrinology and neonatal screening.
ONE thousand Santas will be let loose in the streets of Nicosia on December 28, as a part of a charity event organised by Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CyTA) to support the neonatal screening programme of the centre for preventive pediatrics.
In neonates with hypothyroidism detected on neonatal screening and confirmed on subsequent tests the radionuclide thyroid scan should be done as soon as possible.
Prof Weatherall said the very high proportion of neonatal deaths in Africa can be prevented by very simple neonatal screening and the use of antibiotics.
Dr Pourfarzam, who has since moved back to his native Iran, is known to have carried out research into the neonatal screening of babies with disorders relating to their metabolism, before he worked for the trust between 2000 and 2001.
This edition has more tests, a new chapter on neonatal screening, more case studies, and new content on pediatrics.
The Neonatal Screening Programme in Qatar, established at the Hamad Medical Corporation nine years ago, has screened a total of 135,205 newborn babies for metabolic and endocrine diseases up to September this year, senior consultant and Metabolic Genetic Unit head Dr Tafeg Ben Omran disclosed yesterday.

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