neonatal period

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neonatal period

the interval from birth to 28 days of age. It represents the time of the greatest risk to the infant. Approximately 65% of all deaths that occur in the first year of life happen during this 4-week period.

ne·o·na·tal pe·ri·od

(nē'ō-nā'tăl pēr'ē-ŏd)
The time elapsed between birth and 28 days of age. The first 24 hours of life are the most vulnerable time for the neonate because major physiologic adjustments are needed for extrauterine life.
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The surgery is performed preferably in the neonatal period as it is in this age group that there is some improvement of left ventricular function.
Guidelines on medical response for neonates with novel influenza (pandemic [H1N1] 2009) in the early neonatal period [in Japanese].
This condition which constitutes about 7% of all seizures in the neonatal period is observed two times more frequently in boys compared to girls (4,5).
Cardio respiratory system undergoes prominent changes in neonatal period (Knottenbelt et al.
If circumcision is performed in the neonatal period, it should be done only on infants who are stable and healthy.
It was first described in the sixteenth century and just over 100 cases in the neonatal period have been reported so far (1).
However, 10 per cent of mothers who had a stillbirth or whose babies died in the neonatal period in 2009 had a Body Mass Index of 35 or more, an indicator of obesity, the report found.
In rural areas the vaccination may be delayed by a month or more, so some babies who die early in the neonatal period may not be listed in the registry.
ldp FOR Sport Business on your phone "Children whose 11th gestational week falls in April/May might also be more heavily exposed than other children to viral infections and deficiency of vitamin D in their neonatal period occurring in mid-winter, which may also have an impact on their immunological development.
Its advantages extend beyond the neonatal period to adulthood; it does protect against many common non communicable disorders like obesity and autoimmune disorders," commented Dr Mohamad Miqdady, the chairman of the event and a specialist in pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition.
For babies the main cause of death in the early neonatal period is not related to HIV.
Abdominal surgery for congenital malformation is a common procedure in the neonatal period.

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